Hello, and welcome to Theresa's web site.
   Thank you for your time and interest. Please take the time to check the pages of this site to learn more about this amazing lady, and more about how you can be a hero in the lives of other would-be Theresas out there.
   Theresa Pageau was a resilient and strong-willed woman who was quite passionate about, among other things, the process of organ donations.
   Theresa would champion this cause beginning in her childhood, and in fact she filled out her organ donor card the moment she first got her license. When we met, it was one of the first subjects she discussed with a fervent passion. Theresa also recounted her frustration in her uncle Bob's passing after not being eligible for a heart transplant two years prior to our meeting. Of course, back then Theresa had no idea how much her future would hinge on the possibility of an organ transplant.
   You see, Theresa, like her uncle, would run out of time whilst hoping for an organ transplant. In her case, it was a wait for a new heart as well. But the heart never came, and Theresa passed away in her sleep on the morning of Tuesday, January 30th, 2001.
   Theresa Pageau was also my girlfriend, a woman of a kind I am not sure I'll ever find again. I told people visiting my web site that Theresa was "a lovely lady, a terrific friend, and a joy to be with." But there was more to her than that. She taught me a lot of things during our short but magical time together. She taught me about life, she taught me about love, and through her I learned that life can be disturbingly short. I will miss her. I will mourn her. I will always love her.
   Moreover, she touched the lives of those who loved her. In her capacity as a licensed day care provider, she touched the lives of many children. Anybody who had the chance to know her was truly fortunate. Check out this site and let her touch your life too...
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