I thank you for taking the time to check out Theresa's web site. I hope that this visit has been educational, and that you have benefited from reading Theresa's story.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill Robert, and Theresa Pageau was my girlfriend. I have already mentioned how Theresa and I talked about the issue of organ donation from the first week we met. Up until that time, I had kind of thought about organ donorship (is there such a word?) as a noble, abstract thing. It was a nice gesture, but it all seemed so far away from where I was and what I was thinking.

My dad always made sure he had his organ donor cards filled out. Unfortunately, when his time came, he was on vacation in the wilds of Maine, and too far away from the proper facilities to extract the organs.
In the case of a lot of different societal issues people are slow to respond to something until they can put a familar face to the issue that brings the whole discussion that much closer to home. Unfortunately for me I did get a familiar face to put to this particular issue. A face that served to bring the issue closer to home.
  It was a face that, suddenly, I could no longer kiss.
  A face at which I could no longer marvel or smile.
  A face that would no longer look at me in mock disgust when I would
         invariably do something really corny or goofy.
  It was the face of Theresa Pageau, the woman I loved.

It took her troubles, and eventual succumbing to them, to make me realize how high the stakes are and, conversely, how low the odds are right now for those awaiting some type of transplant, be it a heart, kidney, liver, etcetera.
I wanted to help you put the face of a real person, who lived a real life, to the issue of organ donation, and, in doing so, help drive our point home.
This is one of the reasons I have cited in my putting this web site together. I want you to know what kind of a beautiful, meaningful person our Theresa was, and will be in our hearts for the remainder of our lifetimes. I also want to continue her fight for awareness in the quest for organ donations. If this site can encourage someone to fill out an organ donor card, and that plays a part in someone getting a transplant and avoiding what Theresa, and those who loved her, went through, those of us who loved her will be more grateful than words can say.
I also intended this site as a labor of love to my girlfriend Theresa, who leaves my life much richer than it was when she entered it, due to all the wonderful things we did and learned together. I love her. I miss her. I shall never forget her.
I would also like to hear from you upon your reading this site. Maybe you have had new thoughts about making yourself an eligible organ donor. Maybe you, or someone you know has had a life-changing experience involving a transplant, or lack thereof. Maybe you are a health care professional with insight or commentary regarding this issue. By all means, I ask you to e-mail me at the following address...as I would like to add your comments to this website.

One more favor to ask...I am trying to get word of this site to as many people as possible as I try to spread Theresa's message of information and awareness.
If this site has made you think, affected you, moved you to re-think this issue, please tell your friends about this site and ask them to visit us.
The more people that see this site, the better the chance of Theresa's message getting out and making a real difference.
I thank you for your time, and for your visit to Theresa's memorial website.

To Teri: some days it feels like it was yesterday, and some days it feels like it's been forever since you've been gone.
No matter how long it's been or how long it seems, though, some things have yet to change...how special you were to me, and how much I still miss you.
Wherever you are, my thoughts are with you, as well as my heart.

Goodbye, my dear. my love, my Theresa...Love, Bill
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