Hello...and welcome to the Inaugural Edition of The Equal-Opportunity
Gourmet, our new on-line magazine chronicling all the really fun and
tasty everyday food that just doesn't seem to get the press that its haute
couture counterparts get.

Featured in this month's issue:

Page 1 - The Open Bag : Meet the staff,!

Page 2 - "The T.T.N.T. Principle" - Opinion -
             What is the "T.T.N.T. Principle" and how does it apply to
                 the American Food Industry?

Page 3 - If It Ain't Broke, Don't Biskit! -
             Food review of Nabisco's newest snack cracker...

Page 4 - Wham, Bam, Thank You SPAM! -
            The newest member of the SPAM family...

Page 5 - Little Debbie: Low-Rent Cuisine Queen...
                          or Underappreciated Snacking Saint?
            We explore the family of snacks, cakes, and
               goodies that bear the Little Debbie name and answer those
               who would besmirch her good name.  

Page 6 - Getting Fed And Getting There: All In One Piece -
             The best fast-food items to have when you're on the road!

Page 7 - Quick Takes -
             Some quick looks at food items.

Page 8 - Code Red: The New Dew Review
             A look at Mountain Dew: The Sequel




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